• Designers
  • Bradford S. Obie
    David Panzer

  • Players
  • 2-5

  • Time
  • 2-5 hours

  • Age
  • 14+

To the Citzens of Athobrae!

The end isn’t just nigh, it’s here. In “The Last Days of Athobrae,” you’ll take on the mantle of one of the 5 sovereign city-states of the dying planet. You’ll compete with other players to amass your planet’s dwindling resources. Players build a functional Interstellar Quantum Vehicle (IQV)—a ship large enough to evacuate your people.

pendentThis is no time for precious sentimentality—there’s not enough resources on this rock for everyone. Alliances will be forged (and smashed). Scouts will be dispatched (and murdered). Lifelong friendships will be crushed beneath the boot of expediency.

As the planet begins to literally collapse beneath your feet, the resources you need to survive grow scarcer—and your opponents more desperate. First civilization to build an IQV and get its people off the planet wins. Second prize (and third, and fourth, and fifth): oblivion in a fiery cataclysm.

How to Play

“The Last Days of Athobrae” is a resource gathering strategy game filled with unexpected turns and pitfalls. Players send out scouts in search of resources to build their ship, and technology to help their cities triumph. Each city has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. While some may be heavy on attack, others thrive with defense. Know your city, and make your plans wisely because one thing’s for certain: You can expect the unexpected.

Not only are you contending with wily opponents, the world itself is against you as well. With each “Location” card revealed, the world falls further and further apart, by flipping or removing the hex-tiles that comprise Athobrae. With each accompanying “World Event” card, it falls further and further into chaos. “World Events” will likely spell trouble, but there are those glimmers of light that may come as a boon to you! This element of chance ensures no game will ever be the same, and that means endless hours of unique game play!




We’ve taken great pains to cover as many eventualities that may arise as possible, however, if you come across a situation you are unsure about, we encourage you to use your best judgement and fairnes in creating “house rules” that work for you and your fellow players.

What happens to tokens when the corresponding technology is broken?

When technology that produces tokens is broken any tokens that are in play stay in play and are used as normal, but tokens on the card must be refreshed after the Technology is repaired.

How does the “Fifth Scout” work?

Once the Technology for the “Fifth Scout” has been built, then it acts exactly like any other Scout. The Technology card itself can not be broken or destroyed, but the Scout can still be wounded or killed.

Can “Mines” be destroyed?

Mines are only destroyed by “World Events”, or “World Convulsions”. They cannot be broken or destroyed by other players.

How does “Seize a Mine” work?

The Correth event “Seize a Mine” allows Corrething Scouts to use an opponent’s “Mine” as if it were their own for one turn. It also gives their Scouts two additional search dice on that Mine. So in total, each Scout would have 5 search dice and succeed on rolls of 3-4.